Simple and Secure online Trust creation and administration

Here are 7 reasons why you need to own a Trust today…

1. To protect your assets from creditors in the event of your insolvency, disability or divorce.
2. To legally pay as little tax as possible.
3. To make provision for your estate to be passed on to your beneficiaries as smoothly as possible.
4. To maximise your overall profits when buying property and significantly reduce your CGT and estate duty bill.
5. To avoid all inheritance tax liability.
6. To create personal confidentiality.
7. To safeguard against financial loss in your own business.

There’s no question about it – some people are losing millions by failing to protect their wealth! Imagine the heart rending disappointment of learning the wealth you’ve spent a lifetime accumulating has been attached by a jealous ex-spouse, a
creditor or a business partner.
You might think this kind of thing only happens to the super wealthy – but you’d be far off the mark. Now, more than ever, the ordinary middle income family needs to take steps to protect themselves.

For the sake of your family you cannot only focus on wealth creation you must also consider wealth protection!

The cost of a typical Trust (inter vivos) is R4250 - View Fees, costs and charges for drawing and setting up any type of Trust

The total duration in creating a typical Trust including registration at the Master of the Supreme Court takes about 7 working days.

You have the option to appoint Trust Unlimited as the Trust Administrators. This means that you can make use of our online administration system to add / remove assets, manage the trust finances, record important decision or request various intructions related to the administration of the Trust. Should the Trust be registered with SARS, the taxation and related functions are also managed and prepared by Trust Unlimited.

Read more about the formation of Trusts

How do you administer your Trust?

Effective trust administration is key to any trust. Trust's Unlimited administration service offering involves the following:

  • Ensuring that the trust property is adequately insured and funds are properly invested by measuring fund managers performance to approved benchmarks;
  • Determining the short, medium and long term income and capital needs of the beneficiaries;
  • Ensuring that the provisions of the trust deed are complied with and upheld at all times;
  • Ensuring that all the trusts’ statutory requirements are complied with;
  • The preparation and maintenance of a trust asset register (investments and fixed assets);
  • Conducting trustee meetings annually, bi-annually or quarterly, depending on the size of the trust and the type and level of investments;
  • The recording of the minutes of trustee meetings and investment decisions;
  • The maintenance and safekeeping of the minutes book;
  • The drafting of special resolutions and making any minor changes to the trust deed;
  • The drafting of loan agreements;
  • Advising on the trust and ensuring that the trust is being utilised as an efficient estate planning tool.


Trusts Unlimited's tax advisory team consists of professionals who have years of trust and corporate taxation experience. Our professionals have consulted to numerous listed companies and have lectured to top South African business people.

The Trusts Unlimited tax advisory team is in the fortunate position of being able to provide you with top level tax advice that best suits your personal circumstances and estate plan.

As part our administration service, Trusts Unlimited compiles the annual financial statements, assists with tax compliancy and the submission of required tax returns.

Trusts can also fullfil an active role in business structures. Read more about the advantages of a Trust in a business structure...

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