Welcome to the world of online Trust Administration!

Trust Unlimited Online Admin System is a hosted, multi-user Trust Administration web application that enable you to manage every aspect of your Tust 24/7 via the internet. You can add new Trustees, Beneficiaries, manage your assets, income and expenditure, record meetings and decisions and all related trust administration functions while on the road or at home. User-friendly forms are hosted on the site for you to capture financial data and a selection of trust instructions that automatically get send to our legal department for execution. With a comprehensive list of reports available, you will have full control of your Trust.

No installation

Simply login and start working. You waste no time on installations.

No upgrade

You will automatically be working on the latest version of the software.

No security

Our commitment to security will ensure that your data is safe and secure.

No accessibility

Work from anywhere, anytime. Invite Trustees to login at their convenience.

Why use the Trust Administration Application?

Trustees, Benificiaries and Insurance

Using the Trust Admin Application you can appoint or accept a resignation from trustees. Benificiaries can be added or removed from the Trust. Instructions are send automatically to our legal department to prepare and execute the relevant changes to the Trust.


Assets, Liabilities and financial reports

The user can add/remove assets purchased by the trust, or enter new loan agreements. Our legal departments will determine which documents needs to be prepared to add or remove the asset or liability from the Trust. Financial reports are readily available to view your asset register, income statement and balance sheet.

Meetings, decisions and special resolutions

Trust administration requires to keep track of decisions and special resolutions. The Trust Application allows you to schedule meetings with invitations to trustees and involved parties. Whenever your trust requires a special resolution, an instruction can be issued to our legal department to prepare the resolution. Minutes of meetings can be uploaded to the Trust archive, which means that you don't have to keep a physical record of all your legal documents.

  Trust Deed changes and Tax returns

Changes to Trust Deeds are sometimes a difficult process and takes up a lot of time and consultations to eventually implement. With the Trust Application, an instruction is issued with the description of changes,following which our legal department will comment and advice on the change. The user will approve the comment and advice and the change will be prepared and executed. Tax Returns are prepared twice a year and the user approves the return online before it is submitted to SARS.

What does Trust administration entails:

  • Receiving and controlling trust assets,
  • Asset/investment management,
  • Making investments according to the stipulations of the trust deed, the needs of the beneficiaries and investment objectives,
  • Making regular maintenance payments to beneficiaries,
  • Relationship management - beneficiaries, co-trustees and intermediaries,
  • Compliance with relevant legislation - Trusts Property Control Act, Income Tax Act and Exchange Control Regulations, to name but a few.

In terms of the law, trustees are expected to report to:

  • Fellow trustees, beneficiaries and guardians of minor children,
  • The South African Revenue Service,
  • The Master of the High Court (if so requested).

The administration of a trust requires that the trustee(s) exercise due care and diligence. There are a number of important principles that come into play:

  • Giving effect to the trust instrument (Will or Trust Deed),
  • Exercising any discretion given to the trustee independently,
  • Observing the utmost good faith,
  • Using greater care in handling trust property than the trustee would in dealing with his own affairs.

Lastly, the administration of a trust entails that trustees must provide advice to fellow trustees and beneficiaries. While the trustees ultimately remain responsible for the administration of the trust, they may outsource this function to Trust Unlimited.

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